Imagine a powerful, yet simple system to put your THRiViNG! Life at the top of your list without putting your friends and families THRiViNG! Life at the bottom …

Is that even possible? Aren’t we supposed to sacrifice for others? And don't we expect others to sacrifice for us?

Don’t other people also have to change if we are to achieve our THRiViNG! Life?

We all know:

  • if only he/she/they would …, then we could …., right?
  • and once she/he/they …, we’ll be able to …, yes?
  • because if they/he/she didn’t …, how are we supposed to …?

If only he/she/they, didn’t have our power and didn’t control us, our life would be perfect.

We’ve been trained to create fleeting, short-lived external happiness by placing the burden and responsibility of what we want onto someone else or some entity outside ourselves.

While the entire time, we hold an internal and eternal supply of happiness and warmth. Once we own it, we can practice carrying this happiness with us everywhere we go and into everything we do, no matter what the people around us are doing.

We all have that power. We already own that happiness, if we WANT to own it. Our human design has it encoded.

Yet, because we live life based on the definitions other people give us, we end up closer to miserable, which is really just us living someone elses definition of happy, instead of our own.

It doesn’t matter if we end up broke and miserable or rich and miserable, THRiViNG! Life just isn’t an option when we’re miserable.

Until we take control and define what gives us internal happiness, a life we love, our THRiViNG! Life,  isn’t possible.

Are you living life to please the people around you? …

Has the life you’re living become unhealthy or dangerous ? …

Does the life you live look more like the life your parents, spouse, friends or children want you to live, instead of one you love? …

You’re ready …

When we begin living from our happiness, we give permission to those around us to also begin living from their happiness, within their THRiViNG power.

We’ll need to know about the resistance – because if what we’re doing still works for them, we will be pushed to just “go back to how we were before, so they’ll be okay again”.

We’ll want to be ready to handle some blame.

We’ll need to be willing to return their power to them.

We’ll discuss the shame of  “I struggled so long and didn’t have to? And how could I not know I was struggling?

We’ll practice owning total personal responsibility – from both sides owning yours and allowing others to own or disown theirs.

We’ll talk about button pushing and word warping – because  our buttons will still get pushed and our words will be warped by the very people we love the most.

Ultimately its my hope that with our last breath we will have reveled in the acceptance, appreciation and fulfillment of our THRiViNG! Life and the power that came from owning our desires, hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations.

Until then we’ll practice accessing, trusting and acting  from our higher guidance no matter what we call it.

We will stretch beyond what we think we can do, be or have.

We will question, doubt, release and revive the very essence of our beliefs.

So why bother with any of this?

Why do anything differently now?

Why not do what we’ve been doing?

Why fill our heads and hearts with unrealistic ideas about a THRiViNG! Life, when leaving well enough alone is so easy?

Why put ourselves into new and uncomfortable situations?

Why challenge ourselves?

Why stretch and push the elastic comfort zone in which we reside?

I’ll tell you why, because we can’t NOT do it.

Not doing it is like being a fish out of water. We struggle to breathe. We fight to live.

We know we still have gifts to offer and gifts to receive.

We still need to experience all that our life has to offer.

We still have something of significance to share.

We still have power humming, untapped deep within us.

We still belong to the living.

Every day we breathe, we are given the choice to see our life from a different perspective.

Every. Single. Day.

So if you’re at a point in your life where you really are sick and tired of being sick and tired …

If you are fed up to here with feeling like you aren’t expressing your creativity, curiosity,  joy and lifes’ energy …

If you feel the tiny spark still burning inside you to do, be and achieve …

You already have your reason why.

And while the process is simple and powerful, few choose to do it. It requires commitment – a total, unshakable commitment.

There is a guarantee of stumbles and falls, after all we’re climbing mountains and crossing rivers.

The promise – Your THRiViNG! Life. Your power. Your strength. Your love.

This is not for the faint of heart or the wishy-washy.

Do you WANT it?

Do you want to live the THRiViNG! Life you already own, yet just haven’t claimed?

Are you willing to receive it?

The best part is you are not alone.

You can join a special group of people, dedicated to living our THRiViNG! Life. No money is necessary, just your total commitment.

You’ll have access to a non-judgmental sounding board, along with access to inspiration and guidance when you want it and need it.

Your THRiViNG! Life is already yours. It's waiting for you to commit to living it.

Your Privacy is SAFE! Your information is kept strictly private and will not be shared.